A World of Fences – Different Garden Fencing Options

The world is full of choices. Not only that, it is also full of fences! Fences have different purposes. Sometimes, fences are for aesthetics, sometimes for security purposes, and sometimes, for both. There are different factors to consider when choosing the kind of fence for your garden. One of these factors is the options that you have in your part of the world. In different countries, there are different garden fencing options. So, no matter where you are right now, no matter what your fencing needs are, and no matter what your preferences are, there is always a perfect garden fence for you!

United Kingdom – Kingdom of Garden Fences

In the United Kingdom, there are a wide array of garden fences in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

  • Timber. Timber fences include fencing panels that are commonly available at DIY stores, horizontal boards built with a small gap between boards, vertical close boards which is best used with the “shark tooth” effect, Palisade, which comes with thicker boards, picket with angled cuts, wattle which is a woven fence, and Chestnut pale which is mostly use for temporary protection.
  • Metal. Metal fences include galvanized or plastic chain links, expanded mesh which is difficult to climb, welded mesh which comes in different sizes, railings which are at least 1.5mm thick, and metal palisade which is mostly used in commercial establishments.

Canada – Garden Fence Ranges

Canada is rich in garden fencing options just as it is rich in flora and fauna diversity.

  • Wood. Wood is a popular garden fence choice in Canada and it includes panels. Some panels are dog-eared, some are molded, some are pressure-treated, some are French gothic, and some are lattice panels. Aside from panels, wooden picket fences are also available. Bamboo fences are also very popular in the country.
  • Vinyl. Choices of vinyl panels include Yellowstone, cypress, Glendale, scalloped top, Woodbridge, Yukon, Somerset, Lewiston, Chelsea, Dover, and Manchester.
  • Metal. Metal garden fences in Canada include aluminum bronze, aluminum, aluminum black, black galvanized steel, empire steel, white galvanized steel, and modular wire. Aluminum pickets are also available.
  • Composite. Composite fencing includes Ecostone, Oxford Grey Aluminum, Jatoba, Woodland Brown, Heartwood, and Cape Cod.
  • Chain Link. The most popular chain link options are Yardgard and Casa Verde.

USA – The Land of Garden Fences

With the diversity of the people in the United States, the diversity of garden fences also continues to grow.

  • Wood. Wooden American garden fences include Stockade which has a subtle shade of blue and features diamond tips, Willow screen which looks great as a backdrop, oak fence which looks great even without paint, hand woven panels, trellis panels that work great for climbing plants, the practical shiplap panel, hit and miss fences that are also available ready-made, slatted wood fence which also helps climbing plants, and the ever sturdy lumber panels.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl comes in different shapes, textures, patterns, and designs. One of the most popular vinyl garden fencing choices is the split rail fences.
  • Stone. Dry stone fences are popular as a garden fence and as a garden wall.

Asia – Diverse Garden Fence Cultures

Asia is rich in culture as well as garden fencing choices. Asians are most fond of wood, especially bamboo. Popular kinds of bamboo fences are Kenninji, Misu, Otsu, Yotsume, Ryoanji, and Twig. Aside from bamboo, popular wood fences in Asia are Korean screens.

With all the various fencing styles and material available around the world, you can incorporate some of these elements into your garden to bring a foreign or exotic touch to your fencing project. It’s best then, to come up with a theme for your whole space, and choose elements, including fencing, that highlight or complement that theme. When done well, you can just imagine sitting in your exotic garden and being transported off to a foreign land!

Author: chichi

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