Some people believe that a true appreciation for gardening begins at childhood, and that being raised in the countryside and exposed to nature at an early age will foster a lifelong love of gardening. While this can certainly be true, for me, it was quite the opposite. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a former British colony, and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. I spent my college days in Montreal, Canada and currently reside in New York City. So, my exposure to the joys of gardening did not begin until later in life, but my love and appreciation for this hobby is no less strong.

Spending my childhood in a small apartment in Hong Kong didn’t allow much opportunity to practice and explore the world of gardening, but there were certainly other influences in my life at the time. My father tried to instill in me an appreciation for other artistic endeavors as well. He was passionate about his hobby, photography, and encouraged me to explore this field as well. I remember being woken, sometimes at three or four in the morning, to get ready to go on a field trip to the “perfect” location where we could catch the early morning sunrise, at just the right time, when the sun’s rays would bounce off the morning dew on the strikingly purplish red flowers of the Bauhinia Tree at the precise angle, and my father could capture that perfect moment in time forever with his camera lens. That’s the type of dedication I try to bring to my own garden designs.

With a background in marketing and a career as in import/export manufacturer’s consultant, I’ve learned everything I know about garden and interior design through actual hands-on experience. I believe that doing and creating can provide a unique perspective on design, so with no formal design education, I’ve had to rely on research, trial and error, hard work, and an artistic eye to create my own personal garden of eden. In this website I would like to share some of my gardening experiments and a number of elements people can utilize in their own garden or living space.

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