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Good fencing does not always equal expensive. It is possible to create cheap fencing from a variety of materials for a variety of needs and areas. Think about recycling and reusing older materials. Just about any fence can be done with some neighborly help and legwork.

Many people look for cheap dog fencing ideas. Putting up a chain link fence is not only expensive but unattractive. A great fence is one made from wood pallets. Your main purchase will be 4-by-4 inch boards for the fence posts. You can often find wood pallets in many sizes behind businesses that are just being thrown away. Even if they are broken in some places, they can still be fixed and used for fencing. Wood pallets are also sold very inexpensively by some companies to eliminate the cost of having the pallets disposed of by another company. Sanding and painting are all the pallets need to become a cheap fence that looks costly. Cheap fencing ideas for dogs can also be found online.

A garden needs a fence that is tall enough to keep out unwanted diners but doesn’t have to be an eyesore like chicken wire. Cheap garden fencing ideas can be found just by looking around your neighborhood. Old garden trellises make a beautiful fence. These can be found at flea markets or home construction remodel sites. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Again, you would need boards for the fence posts and paint, if that is what you choose to do.

Everyone likes privacy especially when enjoying their pool. Some cheap pool fencing ideas are garden trellis fences, reclaimed wood fences, or faux rock panels. The size of the fence will determine the cost. Are you just putting a fence along one side or surrounding the pool?

Owning horses is a big responsibility and often requires fencing in a large area.  Cheap horse fencing ideas are abundant. Here is a case where using old, discarded wood fencing can be used to build a sturdy fence at a minimal cost. The biggest cost is your time as you will have to search for and transport it to your property.

Whether you need cheap dog fencing ideas or any other kind of fence, you can save money by searching for used materials. Flea markets, construction sites, industrial parks, and estate sales are all good places to look for fencing materials. Not only can you end up saving some money, but you’ll also be helping out the environment by reusing materials that would normally end up in a landfill.

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