4 easy steps to make a unique hanging basket


This is a hanging basket I made for the entrance to my garden

Materials you’ll need to make a hanging basket


1. cone shaped wire basket
2. weed liner
3. Potting soil
4. container
5. moss
6. baby petunia plant
7. sweet potato vine plant
8. moneywort or creeping jenny plant

 Step 1


Wrap the container with weed liner, exposing the front of the basket for plants. (The container at the bottom is to hold soil from falling out of the basket – use any plastic pot or container that will fit the bottom of the basket)

Step 2


Fill basket with soil until it covers the bottom container and reaches the edge of the weed liner. Pack several of the petunia plants into the desired position.

 Step 3


Cover exposed vertical sections with moss and continue filling the basket with soil to reach a higher level so you can pack more petunia plants around different sides of the basket.

 Step 4


Repeat step 3 until you reach close to top, while checking to make sure you are satisfied with the spacing of the petunias. When you reach the top, fill in with more petunia, lysimachia aurea and sweet potato plant.