How to make a micro pot garden

a creative plant with succulent plants

Here is a creative garden in a pot I made with varieties of succulent plants

Materials you’ll need


1. 7-1/2”clay pot

2. 6-1/2” clay pot

3. potting soil

4. belt sander or sand paper

5. small piece from a soft plastic pot or plastic cup

6. rotozip tool with 1/8″ masonry bit

7. jigsaw with metal cutting blade

8. small piece of moss

9. a small flowering plant – I use a baby Alyssum plant and a variety of succulent plants

 Step 1

step-1Trace template onto the pot, then use rotozip tool to cut out the marked section

 Step 2

step-2Place the cut out section into the center of the pot, and use a rock to prop it up and hold in place.  Leaving some space on the right side, put a piece of plastic on the inside and fill it with potting soil

 Step 3

step-3Start marking the small pot (it doesn’t have to be very precise, just cut out 2 pieces to hold the soil). Cut it with a jigsaw with metal-cutting blade (this type of blade cuts straight very fast but can be difficult with curves) A rotozip tool with masonry bit also works but cuts much more slowly. Smooth edges with a sander or sandpaper.

Step 4

step-4Start planting the top level with your choice of succulents and a baby alyssum plant.  Align the 2 cut pieces in front, put a piece of moss or plastic in between in order to hold the soil in.

Step 5

step-5Fill the front with potting soil and finish it with your desired succulent plants. Voila! You have a cool looking micro pot garden