Secret steps to a mini garden

miniature pot garden

Here is a miniature pot garden I made for my garden – it can be used either for indoor or outdoor decoration.


List of gardening materials – can be found in most garden nurseries:
1. 10-1/2″ decorative clay pot
2. cut out template (open and print PDF file)
3. rotozip tool with 1/8″ masonry bit
4. potting soil
5. variety of succulent and any garden  plants
6. elongated small rocks / moss

 Step 1:


Prep the pot – trace template, mark the pot with the cut out template

 Step 2:


Use rotozip tool with 1/8″ masonry bit to start cutting out the marked section

 Step 3:


Place cut out section into the pot diagonally as a wall and put soil at base until it’s secured

 Step 4:


Add more soil and start planting succulent plants – from small to large size to the crack of the pot until it reaches close to the wall top

 Step 5:


Arrange the rest of the plants on top of the pot

 Step 6:


Arrange stepping stairs to the other side of the pot

Step 7:


Carefully use moss to cover soil of the steps and also the top of the garden