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Fences provide security and privacy and they are amazing additions to the landscape. Wood fences are ideal for adding an element of beauty to the yard. From crisp white pickets to rustic split rails, the versatility of wood fencing is endless. There is no other fencing material that is quite as popular or adaptable as wood. However, the endless versatility of this material can make the choices difficult. Making a decision regarding the main function or purpose of the fence will make this step a lot easier. Since the main reasons for installing a fence are security, privacy and beautification, the height of the boards, decorative elements and spacing are all details that should be taken into consideration when choosing a fence that will satisfy all your needs.

A horizontal fence will make your home stand out from the others in the neighborhood and enhance the appearance of the exterior of the property. When it comes to horizontal fence design, a bit of vision, creativity and some time can go a very long way.

The horizontal fence panel is installed horizontally rather than vertically and this creates a look that is more modern. The horizontal fence can be spaced to your particular specifications or different sized boards can be installed, based on the look that you would like to achieve. This fairly new and very unique concept is beautiful and is a superb choice for individuals who have a preference for something that is more innovative.

There are a number of different horizontal designs that you can choose from to create the perfect enclosure for your property and add to the curb appeal of your home. These designs include:

Horizontal Weave Fence Panels
Horizontal weave fence panels are interwoven to create a beautiful and functional enclosure that bring flair and drama to any yard. The structure is resilient and stable and the fence is constructed from horizontal wood panels that are layered between vertical wooden posts. After which, the posts are covered by an added layer of horizontal posts and this brings about a woven effect and adds privacy. The panels are created by using horizontal boards that are smooth planed and spaced according to the desired look. The boards are then laid in two offset layers that are placed on both sides of central battens which run vertically. The boards are held inside of a secure frame and the horizontal weave fence typically features either a square or domed top.

The more modern horizontal fence design could be all that is needed to complete the look and feel you want for your dream home. The fence can be customized to suit the exacting or simple requirements of your home and can be made from a variety of popular woods including pine and cedar. The horizontal panels can be directly fixed to powder coated galvanized steel frames or attached between brickwork, which makes them versatile and ideal for homeowners who prefer to have a fence that has a mixture of materials. For those looking for a unique and modern interpretation of the traditional fence, the horizontal fence panel is definitely worth considering.

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