tips on gardening with an expanding trellis

Looking to add a bit of elegance to your garden or outdoor living space? Or maybe you just want a few simple and easy ways to enhance and beautify your landscape? Adding an expanding trellis made with willow branches, bamboo, reclaimed wooden slats or other natural materials can instantly brighten your living space. You can even bring a bit of the outdoors in, by strategically placing an trellis into your indoor space.

There are many types of fences and screens available for you to make your ideal retreat. A willow brush screen fence incorporates traditional English design features that can enhance the existing features of your garden or room. Crafted from natural willow, these brush screen fences can add a stylish focal point to your garden. To further enhance the details of your fence, try adding some of your favorite varieties of silk flowers or faux vines and ivy – neighbors will have something to talk about! What’s more, the willow brush screen fence can also be used to cover up those messy or unsightly items in your yard, such as the trash can, storage bins, tool sheds, or your compost bin. It can add interest to your landscape as well, or be used to create privacy from neighbors – the possibilities are endless.

A three-screen panel divider or a bamboo weave trellis are other great decorative ideas available when designing that special garden nook. An expandable willow fence or a multi-panel divider can help you to create distinct sections for your outdoor living space. They can also be used to create a small herb or flower garden, adding interest and character while complementing the beauty of your plants. A bamboo weave trellis can be used as support for ivy or flowering vines to help them grow and cover an unsightly fence. As an added touch, place a willow weave panel on the ground as a floor mat. The woven design has a rustic and easy look, adding a bit of natural beauty to your yard.

For the avid gardener, keeping a yard neat and clean can be a tough task. Utilizing a natural, foldable willow screen can really help, while also allowing the gardener to express their own design and creativity. At the same time, it highlights various sections of the landscape, and can be easily rearranged to accommodate a garden oasis that changes with the seasons.

But no need to limit yourself to rustic materials. Contemporary gardens can also benefit by using a plastic expanding plastic trellis. Plastics are, by nature, very durable and weather resistant, and can be painted in an endless variety of contrasting or complementary colors to really add a splash to your modern space. An expanding plastic trellis can also be a good choice for those on a limited budget, as they are generally less expensive than their natural material counterparts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and designs to create your own ultimate outdoor retreat.

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