types of expanding trellises

If you are interested in an attractive and creative way to work with the space in your home’s interior and exterior, look into purchasing an expanding trellis fence to close off hallways and larger areas of the home in a smart and ergonomic way. There are many different types of trellis fences that can be considered for purchase, each of which provide different aesthetic and practical uses for the inside and outside of the home. It is a good idea to experiment and plan ahead for the environment that you wish to establish with the addition of these functional and decorative pieces.

Utilizing an Expanding Willow Trellis
To begin, this type of trellis is the most versatile, and can come as a naturally hued wood or can be purchased painted any color of your choosing to match the surroundings of where it will be installed. The trellis panels of this variety can be put to use in the interior of your home to create a play area for your child, or to close off certain sections of the home from wandering and curious pets. Similarly, they can be used in outdoor areas to create walkways and section off parts of flowerbeds and plant arrangements, so as to better guide the visitor along where you wish to exhibit your flora.

Expanding Plastic Trellis
An expanding plastic trellis can be very useful for pure functionality inside the home. In particular, it can be a great way to create doorways in halls and smaller enclosures, and are best coupled with artificial walls and other such sectioning articles of furniture. More often than not, they can be purchased in a variety of colors so as to better suit a multitude of decors and styles.

Expanding Garden Trellis
The largest amount of free customization and utility lies in trellises that are selected to be used in garden spaces and outdoor arrangements. Because of their natural wooden frame and design, they can be easily set against a wide variety of plant arrangement and bushes, readily blending in with the natural atmosphere that is established in your outdoor space. Depending on what types of flowers and fauna you have available, different woods can be arranged to better fit the natural environment. Lighter hued woods work better with smaller and more colorful natural arrangements, while darker wooden trellises are better set against taller bushes and larger collections of trees and other far reaching plants.

As you can see, the expanding trellis fence can be used in a variety of designs, colors and materials to help you inject a little flair and style to your personal space.

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